About Ann Delaney Photography

I would like to say as a photographer I create but I cannot create nature.  What I do is try to share the beauty I see and the feeling I get.  I don't want to become complicated and expect more than is real.  This world is more than cities, towns, cars and money.  This life is about finding faith and being the best person you can be and using your talents.  So, who I am is simple really, I hope you can find the what I am in my photos.

I am a self-taught photographer who started late in life figuring in what interests me.  Life gave me a wake up call on what is important for me and I have not looked back.  I suggest for everyone to have that moment of life recall to check their internal map.  So am I perfect, not by any means, but I am growing and gaining personal success.  

I hope you enjoy my website and it changes and I visit the world.  I hope you get to feel the rain on your face and not mind.  I hope the wind blows through your hair and you find peace as it whispers to you. 

If you have any questions please email me.